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people development

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  • Our consultancy practice supports sustainable business growth

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Our Vision & Mission

NEMLC Vision Statement
To be the most sought after leadership development consultancy practice

NEMLC Mission Statement
People Development.
Through an understanding of organizational needs and crafting a developmental plan.

Founder / Ceo

NEMLC – Principal Business Activity

NEM Leadership Consultants is a hybrid management and leadership consultancy practice with the aim of assisting businesses to achieve growth and sustainability. Our focus is on people development and business effectiveness.

Our firm is comprised of qualified and experienced consultants and associates, who have designed and implemented several developmental projects across numerous business sectors and industries. We assist businesses to create high performers and successors to ensure business effectiveness and transformation so that they can remain RELEVANT.

Our firm prides itself on having six (6) Product Lines and one (1) Business Service Centre to cater for organizations growth and development:


NEMLC Core Values