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Strategic Direction plays an important role in the effectiveness of any business environment. The objective of the Strategic Direction line is to strategically intervene in key business areas to achieve business results. In today’s dynamic business environment, organization effectiveness cannot be left to chance or good luck but must be decisive in achieving its purpose to add value to its stakeholders and by extension customers/clients.

Directly promoting organisational business goals and objectives will allow leaders/managers to plan and to continuously assess actual performance against planned outcomes which influences the next business strategy.

Our subject areas intervention for the product – Strategic Direction:

Business Recovery Planning

Let us advise on your transformation/turnaround process before it is too late! See the results in your bottom line as your organisation makes a turnaround. At the end of the engagement, managers will acquire the knowledge necessary to recognize symptoms and causes of organization failure and acquire the skills to capture, analyse and interpret information in order to draw conclusions about an organisation’s business challenges. Managers would also be able to apply the new skills acquired to develop process maps and determine a course of action for implementation to address gaps identified.

Corporate Governance

Corporate Governance refers to the framework by which the board and senior management are held accountable for their fiduciary role in managing organizations. Effective Corporate Governance ensures prudent decision making! The main objective of the Corporate Governance module is to ensure that there is an effective decision-making process in order to facilitate accountability, transparency, ethical conduct, responsibility, efficiency, probity, and good governance. This module provides managers with the skill to critically analyse current practices to improve the governance structure/framework and decision-making process at the organisation

Customer Service Experience

Your market is changing Your competition is changing. Your organisation is changing. Are you changing your level of customer service?

Invite NEM Leadership Consultants, to expose your staff to skills and competences to deliver a moment of truth experience that customers love. Together, we assist your team to devise fresh approaches to achieve improved results, through exceptional service delivery. Satisfied customers are loyal customers who bring potential customers, and will increase your organisation’s market presence and profitability.
Your next WOW is a call away!

Financial Restructuring

An understanding of the nature of assets and liabilities is key to good financial management. Let NEMLC examines your balance sheet and recommend solutions to restructure your assets, liabilities, funding sources, working capital and expense profile. Experience alignment of your organization’s financial structure with its business structure. The team will analyse and choose the appropriate solutions towards financial restructuring and reengineering to achieve financial equilibrium and business sustainability and continuity.

Transformation and Change Management

    In today’s competitive business environment, organizations must be in a continuous mode of transformation to respond to business dynamics. But where exactly do you start and how do you get all the parts working in sync for a successful transformation? This is where our experienced team will help you:-
  • 1) determine where you are ‘now’,
  • 2) decide where you need to be, and
  • 3) direct you as to how to get there.

Essential to the transformation process is effective change management. This is the process, tools and techniques applied to manage the people-side of change in order to achieve the required business outcome. This module speaks to the critical change management issues, the change leader’s role and strategies to motivate employees to embrace and make the leap towards change. As we operate in a dynamic environment, all organisations need transformation as they develop into the new normal. It is possible. Leave the process to us and we will show you how!

Strategic Planning

Strategic planning is not a hurried activity, but one that requires a deliberate and structured approach to chart the course of the organization into the future. Our approach takes a 360 degree perspective involving specific macro- and micro- impacting factors that allow an alignment with the organization’s purpose and its environment. NEMLC’s Strategic Planning Module utilizes various modern day techniques, tools, and approaches to analyze and evaluate the organization’s strategic positioning, while at the same time creating new strategic options for the organization to pursue. An organization without direction has no purpose!
Let us give you the edge to strategically plan and guide your organization’s future into the 21st century.

Our subject areas intervention for the product - Strategic Direction:

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  • Business Recovery Planning
  • Corporate Governance
  • Customer Service Experience
  • Financial Restructuring
  • Transformation and Change Management
  • Strategic Planning


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