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As part of the consultancy interventions in several organisations across many industries,
NEM Leadership also offers a range of business services.

Our subject areas intervention for the product – Business Services:

Employee Engagement Survey

The purpose of an Employee Satisfaction Survey (ESS) is to gauge perception of employee satisfaction and address areas of dissatisfaction.

Organisations periodically undertake an ESS to assess how satisfied employees are with their job, the organisation and general conditions at the workplace. The survey data (both qualitative and quantitative) is used to implement actionable strategies to maintain a positive work environment, and drive high performance across the organisation.

NEMLC will be delighted to share the benefits on how the results of an employee engagement survey can greatly assist your organisation’s performance.

Recruitment Assessment Centre

An Assessment Centre is a human resource management process that entails the assessing of skills of individuals through the use of simulation exercises or skills assessment tests. It is used in conjunction with traditional assessment techniques and methods.

The Assessment Centre is meant to strengthen the recruitment and selection of candidates at the managerial and leadership levels.

Avoid making costly recruitment mistakes. Let NEMLC assess your key leadership and potential talent in your organisation.

Manpower Audit

The primary outcome of the Workforce Manpower Audit is a review of the organization in order to determine the actual number of employees required for the organization to achieve its goals; the skills those employees should have; the identification of critical positions, develop succession plans for these positions and a review of work methods.

Conducting a Workforce Manpower Audit is critical to set the trajectory for greater proficiency in the delivery of service through a primary focus on human capital.

The Manpower Audit would examine strengths, weaknesses and identify areas for synergies, within the organisation.

In today’s competitive environment, organisation must be staffed with the appropriate compliment of person, both in quantity and quality.

Have you done a Manpower Audit? NEMLC can assist your organisation to achieve the right mix of your human capital in line with your strategic intent.

Stakeholder Analysis

An important aspect of management and leadership is the quality of the relationships within the organisation.
Without a meaningful congruence, the organisation will have difficulty achieving its objectives.
The primary outcome of the Internal Stakeholder Analysis is to strengthen the organisation’s internal and external stakeholder management relationship. This should be a prerequisite to the entity’s transformation agenda.

Other features of an Internal Stakeholder Analysis:
  • Identification and objectives of internal stakeholders;
  • Unearthing stakeholders’ issues inter alia interests, likes, satisfaction and expectations;
  • The organisation’s timely response to stakeholder issues.
  • Effectiveness of the organisation’s communications process.
  • The need for better engagement strategies.
Invite us to conduct a Stakeholder Analysis on your organisation. Alignment of stakeholders’ commitment is key toward business development.

Operations (System) Audits/ Reviews

A system audit is a disciplined approach to evaluate and improve the effectiveness of a system. Audits are carried out in order to verify that the individual elements within the system are effective and suitable in achieving the stated objectives. The system audit also provides objective evidence concerning the need for the reduction, elimination and most importantly, prevention of non-conformities. The results of these audits can be used by the management for improving the performance of the organization.

NEMLC will be ready to perform your next system audit.

Organisational Restructuring

Organizational Restructuring is when a company’s business model has changed due to internal or external factors and needs to adapt in order to survive and ultimately grow. This process commences with an in-depth analysis of an organisations existing Mission, Vision and “As Is” Business Processes to determine its relevance within the current context of its operating environment. Through an organisational diagnosis, NEMLC can advise on your restructuring needs to remain relevant in business arena.

Performance Management System

A Performance Management System, effectively implemented and managed, can be used as the tool to align resources, systems and employees. This process includes setting goals, objectives, performance standards and monitoring them to ensure achievement of organisational goals. Let NEMLC design and develop a Performance Management System suited to your organisation context.

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  • Employee Engagement Survey
  • Recruitment Assessment Centre
  • Manpower Audit
  • Operations (System) Audits/ Reviews
  • Stakeholder Analysis
  • Organisational Restructuring
  • Performance Management System


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