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T&T Police Credit Union

Flagship Building, Barataria, Trinidad & Tobago


Tuesday June 27th and Wednesday June 28th, 2023


The issue now faces many lending organisations is one of value proposition, that is, how can we rebuild the fortunes once enjoyed before the Pandemic!! Loans remain the primary and dominant income generator for many or all deposit-taking and lending institutions, as such loan growth/expansion (and quality) will undoubtedly occupy the minds of directors, managers and lending officers.
This year’s Effective Credit Management Two Day Workshop will focus on leveraging on the Opportunities Ahead to influence the entity’s Value Proposition – This will be accomplished through quality loan Growth Strategies. The pandemic has propelled business models into more of an outsourced paradigm, which resulted in a proliferation of entrepreneurs and independent service providers – are these growth opportunities being leveraged by organisations?

Effective Credit Management remains the “Foundation of Your Business”, as without credit through loans to customers/ members, the financial institutions will be unable to:
  • Generate Surplus/ Profits
  • Grow the Organization
  • Satisfy Customer / Members Needs
  • Return dividends to Shareholders
  • Finance Expenditure
  In capitalising on Opportunities Ahead, the 2023 two day Effective Credit Management Workshop will focus on:
  • Credit Underwriting / Evaluation
  • Boosting Business Income
  • Risk Mitigation & Recovery Techniques
  • Credit Portfolio Expansion
  • Entity’s Value Proposition
  • Entity’s Value Proposition
  • Technology and Credit



This two-day Effective Credit Management workshop improves organisational effectiveness so that organisations can:

Protect and expand their loan portfolio. Increase Income Enhance asset quality. Strategically respond to IFRS 9 – minimize loan provision. Employ a combination of various strategies to boost loan portfolios. Adopt underwriting techniques to ensure productive loans Apply workable recovery tools and techniques to enhance collections. Be aware of credit market dynamics to penetrate niche markets, especially business loans. Perform financial analysis and calculate ratios on borrowers’ financial statements. Be aware of the requirements of Credit Risk Management Framework as tool for Credit Underwriting Apply workable recovery tools and techniques to enhance collections. Employ sound credit management practices. Be aware of Technological Techniques in Credit Management.


In addition to participants’ exposure on two days of expert facilitation, participants will be provided with:
  • Extract of Presentation to be used as reference material.
  • Statement Information
  • Understanding Financial Ratios - Analysis (User Guide for Credit Officers) Types of Ratios, description, Formulae and Guides (Suggested standards) Compliance Guidelines for Business Loan Application
  • Six Cs Credit Analysis Framework
  • Strategic Delinquency Mapping Framework Recoveries and Collection Timeline
  • Secrets to Boost loan portfolio and income.
  • Credit Due Diligence Process for Business Members (non-salary income borrowers) Relevant Financial
  • Technology and Credit
  • approaches to minimize impact of IFRS 9
  After participating in this Two-Day Effective Credit Management Workshop, participants will be able to:
  • Analyze and interpret Financial Statements (Balance Sheet, Income Statement, Cash Flow Statements) when evaluating loans.
  • Be aware and be able to calculate ratios to determine the financial health of a business.
  • Apply strategies to increase loan portfolios, income and asset quality.
  • Effectively evaluate loan applications using Six Cs Credit Framework
  • Ask relevant questions to borrowers arising from the use of Cash Flow / bank statements. Practical Approach towards IFRS 9 ongoing challenge
  • Strategic Responses to Credit Management.
  • Use the Delinquency Strategic Mapping Model to effectively manage delinquency. Adopt workable recoveries approaches.
  • Employ sound credit management practices.


  • Analysts
  • Credit Committees Directors
  • Comptrollers Credit
  • Credit Managers Risk
  • Committees
  • Loan Coordinators
  • Loan Supervisors
  • Officers Credit
  • Managers Credit/Loan
  • Managers Recoveries
  • Risk Managers Branch
  • Persons responsible for loan administration and risk mitigation


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  • Or Cheque made payable to: NEM Leadership Consultants

  • Send email to or call 1-868- 222-8928 for Invoice and Credit Card Portal

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