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March 16-17

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“AML…A Strategic Priority”

This year, the Eighth edition of Tech AML series has expanded to the Caribbean Anti Money Laundering Virtual Conference with the theme “AML…A Strategic Priority”. Tech AML 2021 will bring insights into making the compliance function “A Strategic Priority”. Anti-Money Laundering / Counter Financing of Terrorism and Proliferation Financing legislation has quote“matured” in many jurisdictions around the globe. Is this the case however, in many sectors / industries, and more so within the corporate structures of many financial institutions and related compliant bodies?

The quest by ill-intent launderers and perpetrators for new ways to penetrate the control walls of many organisations continue. As a defence to these ML/FT attacks, we believe that organisations should be configured strategically to mitigate against ML/TF/PF risks to minimise compliance gaps / deficiencies. This measure can greatly protect organisations from huge fines and penalties. The re-alignment of the Compliance Function however, will be more effective when it is considered to be a strategic priority.

Participants from around the Caribbean region will benefit from a day and a half (March 16–17th) of a Virtual Experience on topical sessions which emphasise why AML should be A Strategic Priority of their organisation.


Tech AML 2021

Major Topics and Synopsis

Participants will hear from industry experts from the Caribbean, inclusive of AML/CFT/PF Practitioners, Regulators, Law Enforcement, CEOs, and qualified and experienced Compliance Professionals on topics such as:

  • 1. Post FATCA Implementation… What lessons have we learnt? Would the implementation of the Common Reporting Standards be more seamless?

    The presenter will highlight some of the challenges encountered during the early phase of FATCA Implementation and will suggest ways on how participating financial institutions can overcome reporting issues. The presenter will also outline lessons learnt from FATCA and how these learnings can assist with effective implementation of Common Reporting Standards’ Requirements.
  • 2. Outcomes of Independent AML Assessments (Audits)…would this be the tool to evaluate the effectiveness of the Compliance Function / Compliance Officers?

    Assessment of AML/CFT/PF legislation and guidelines have been a major vehicle used by Regulators and Board of Directors to evaluate the effectiveness of the Compliance Function. Recently, the Accounting Bodies have revised the assessment methodology / framework for AML independent assessment. Would this new approach be used to evaluate Compliance Officers? Are C.O. under the radar? Find out more by attending this session on the outcomes of compliance audits.
  • 3. FINTECH…. We know the risks but what about the solutions!!

    Much has been said about FINTECH and the role it has played in the evolution on financial technology. In modernising its financial industry, jurisdictions have adopted FINTECH as the main vehicle for its transformation. While there are risks involve in this new phenomenon, have we counter these risks with appropriate measures. Find out more at TECH AML 2021.
  • 4. Compliance Professionals Round Table Discussion - Learnings from challenges and practical approaches. Would the compliance function ever be regarded as strategic?

    Compliance Professionals will share their experiences on the evolution of the compliance function by identifying challenges encountered and how they were able to overcome. They would also discuss strategies and articulate the building blocks on how anti money laundering could be considered a strategic priority.
  • 5. CEOs Round Table Discussion – Is AML / CFT a strategic Priority? If no, why not? If yes, why?

    Hear from experienced Caribbean CEOs on whether AML should be considered a Strategic Priority given the everchanging nature of money laundering and terrorist financing, and the possible impact on their organisations, if AML is not treated strategically.
  • 6. Business Continuity Planning – The Policy is not enough – Let’s go through the Phases.

    There is no doubt that the world has experienced unpresented shocks within the last eighteen months. Several organisations have been negatively impacted or have collapsed all together. A lack of business continuity planning has left many organisations wanting for survival. Would ill-intent persons / perpetrators take advantage of such vulnerability to commit illicit acts against organisations!! Find out why a BCP Policy alone is not the solution for sustainability – Let us walk you through the Business Continuity development phases?
  • 7. Terrorism…Is it still a threat in the Caribbean? Have we dropped our guards too soon!!

    While it appears to be a slowdown in terrorist activities, mainly through ISIS, there is a view that the Caribbean Region remains vulnerable towards terrorism, proliferation of financing, correspondent banking and other associated issues. Could this impact the way FIs and LBs conduct their business? Find out more at Tech AML 2021.
  • 8. Regulators Round Table Session – How can FIs / LBs escape sanctions from Regulators?

    It is expected that this session will assist reporting entities in furtherance of their awareness to treat the Compliance Function as a Strategic Priority. Hear from a panel of Regulators on their expectations from reporting entities. What are the gaps / deficiencies? How can they avoid sanctions? Find out more at Tech AML 2021.
  • 9. Financial Crime Prosecution. Are we losing the battle?

    Your counterpart from another Caribbean Country will also present and share kindred perspectives. Are the “Big Fishes” still escaping the legislative maze. Do we need more legislation / regulations? How can financial institutions / listed businesses assist to enable successful prosecution? What next can be done? Lending insights into these scenarios should allow for solution-oriented approaches towards white colour crime? Find out more from Caribbean Prosecutors - only at Tech AML 2021.
  • 10. Watch List Checking…It is not as difficult as you think!

    The Caribbean’s leading Software developer will demonstrate a seamless solution to your onboarding and customer due diligence Watch List Checks. The Emortelle Due Diligence (EDD) developed by Micro Software Designs Ltd is integrated with the Dow Jones - Risk and Compliance database to facilitate the seamless screening of a customer at the point of on-boarding, deposit taking and lending. This integration ensures that Financial institutions adhere to legislative requirements since the Risk and Compliance database includes International Sanctions Lists; Sanctions Ownership Research data; Politically Exposed Persons and their related parties as well as Special Interest Persons internationally.

    Look out for more insightful topic to be released soon!!

Frequently asked questions

  • What about Certificate of Participation?

    Each participant will receive an electronic copy of their Certificate of Participation. The certification of attendance is conditional on attending the Virtual Conference.

  • What about CPD Credits / Units?

    Most institutions award 1 unit per hour of attendance at courses/seminars/conferences.Attendees can use their Certification of Participation towards gaining CPD units to maintain their professional designation.In addition, and based on request, an individualised letter detailing relevant information on the Conference can be provided to assist with verifiable CPD Units.

  • How do I register

    All registration is on an individual basis and is done Online, via the registration link. Once you click on the link, you will be taken to the Registration Portal, for you to enter your details.Confirmation of your registration will be granted send to you once payment is made.

  • Access to Conference?

    ccess will only be granted upon registration and payment of fee.The Conference Platform will be launched through proprietary licensed portal using CICSO Webex. Access will be granted individually using your registered email and unique Registration I.D.

  • Can someone else use my Registration I.D.?

    No. This is not allowed. Each person must register as an individual whereby a unique Registration ID will be assigned. We urge registrants to keep their login credentials very private. Multiple logins using same Registration ID is NOT accepted.

  • How do I join the Conference?

    Once registered and fees paid, you will be supplied with login credentials via the email that was used during registration process. Please note that Emails/ Correspondence to you will only be send via the email used during registration.Continuous updates and reminders will be sent to you up to conference start time.

  • What about Certificate of Participation?

    Each participant will receive an electronic copy of their Certificate of Participation. The certification of attendance is conditional on attending the Virtual Conference.

  • Can more than one person view the sessions?

    No. This is not allowed. It is illegal and against the condition of your registration. Registration is on an individual basis. We expect compliance with respect to contract engagement.

  • How long NEM Leadership Consultants have be hosting seminars / conferences?

    Form since 2011. This is the eighth edition of the Tech AML (Technical Anti Money Laundering) Event.

  • Can someone else attend the Free Webinars instead of the Registrant?

    We prefer the Tech AML 2021 attendee to participate in the free webinar. However, on special request, NEMLC will be receptive to accommodate a different individual to attend.


Target Groups

Persons in the following positions, sectors and responsibilities are expected to attend
Tech AML 2021 – AML...A Strategic Priority.

Holding Positions of:

Persons in Sectors:

Persons Responsible for:

  • Managers
  • Secretary/ Treasurer
  • Supervisors
  • Directors/CEOs/Presidents
  • Executives/Vice Presidents
  • Compliance Officers(Alternates)
  • Risk Officers          
  • Administrative Personnel
  • Accountants
  • Attorneys at Law    
  • IT Personnel
  • Auditors /Analyst   
  • Committee Member
  • Human Resource Personnel
  • Regulators
  • Credit Unions
  • Banking
  • Insurance
  • Brokers
  • Development Banks
  • Trust & Mortgage Companies
  • Motor Companies
  • Securities
  • National Lotteries
  • Attorney at Law
  • Real Estate
  • Accountants
  • Regulators
  • Policy Making
  • AML Training
  • Reporting and SAR filing
  • Law Enforcement
  • AML Risk Management
  • Customer Due Diligence
  • Transaction Monitoring
  • AML Audits
  • Regulatory Oversight
  • Beneficial Ownership

Speakers / Presenters

Participants will hear from industry experts from the Caribbean, inclusive of AML/CFT/PF Practitioners, Regulators, Law Enforcement, CEOs, and qualified and experienced Compliance Officers

Snapshot of some of our Caribbean Speakers

Josanne Belfon-Mc Leod

Manager – Risk Management
Home Mortgage Bank
Trinidad and Tobago

Christopher Thompson

Attorney-at -Law
Guyana Public Service Coop

Wanda Messiah

Risk Manager
Barbados Public Workers
Coop Credit Union Limited

Dr. Maxine Wilson

General Manager
Palisadoes Co-op Credit Union Ltd

Anthony Peyson

ICT Consultant
Trinidad and Tobago

Matthew Langevine

Director, Financial Intelligence Unit

Trudie Telesfod -Pierre

Deputy CEO,
KCL Capital Markets Brokers Ltd
Trinidad and Tobago

Vyana Sharma

Attorney at Law & Solicitor
Head, Anti-Terrorism Unit Ministry of the Attorney General & Legal Affairs
Trinidad and Tobago

Vashti Paul-Khan

Manager –
Marketing and Customer Experience Micro Software Design Limited
Trinidad and Tobago

Wendell Lucas

Senior Superintendent (Ag)
Director, Financial Investigation Branch
Trinidad and Tobago

Debra R. Thompson

Assistant Superintendent of Police
Deputy Director Financial Crime Unit

Nigel Matthew

Lead Consultant
NEM Leadership Consultants
Trinidad and Tobago

Tech AML 2021

Prices and Benifits

Participation fee per person to attend
Tech AML 2021 Virtual Conference is set as follows:

Participants will benefit from:

    Participant benefits
  • Certificate of Participation
  • Individualized Letter to support Verifiable CPD Units
  • Presentations Recording (For limited time on approval from Presenter)
  • Panel Discussion
  • Attendance at two Free Webinars in 2021 on AML Related topics
  • Insightful information/ strategies on making AML ‘A Strategic Priority”


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