It’s All About Risk. The new AML Frontier

Attendees will hear from industry experts,
inter alia on the following topics:
● Risk Assessment
● Update on FATCA Readiness
● Block Chain Technology
● Crypto Currency – AML Issues
● Fintech
● Cybersecurity
● The Hitech Compliance Officer

Agenda / Schedule

A Peak into some of the topics at a glance

In this session, the potential uses of blockchain technology in banking and financial institutions will be discussed, together with the impact of FinTech collaboration.

At the end of this session, participants will

This is the most exciting of times for the Caribbean Basin Region. Our leaders have charted an ambitious three- year journey towards the full and free movement of goods, people, capital and information within the CARICOM Single Market and Economy.
Potentially, this adventure could be impeded by the listings of several international initiatives, which cast the region as a hot bed of high risk, non- cooperative jurisdictions with weak systems which pose significant threats to the global financial system.
Energised by the Call to Action from our Leaders and armed with the Fourth Industrial Revolution’s wide array of modern, cutting edge, information technology tools and platforms, we, together, with decisiveness and resilience, could revolutionize the current approach to Risk Assessments and compliance, that has unfolded over the past thirty years, to the benefit of our region and the world.

Risk Assessment has been a troubling issue for most financial institutions and listed businesses as they attempt to manage and mitigate ML and TF risks associated with new financial frontiers. This is a must attend session.
The Risk Assessment will focus on the following outcomes:

In recent times a lot has been said about crypto currency and the issues therein. This new dimension in the financial landscape will undoubtedly have an impact on the operations of many financial and non-financial institutions, and more so impact of possible abuse through money laundering and terrorist financing activities.
As stakeholders within the financial systems, it is critical that you understand some of the issues associated with crypto and virtual currencies. Thus session will explore the evolution of currency as a medium of exchange, issues on current legislation, accounting dilemmas, possible money laundering challenges.
Participants will gain insights into: