Attendees’ reaction after attending 2018 Effective Credit Management Programme

97% Favourable Rating:

Reviews From 2018

  1.  “Very enlightening”
  1. “Top class”   
  1. “Very informative and very interactive”
  1. “A lot of knowledge was given to put into practice”
  1. “Information shared will work for our customers and my family.  Documents will be shared amongst staff of the department”
  1. “Great and well put together”
  1. “Excellent programme which can be implemented to improve your delinquency rate”
  1. “Very good.  Well-presented and most importantly practical exercises”
  1. “The tools provided via the manual will assist with ensuring that we grant quality loans and reduce our delinquency” 
  1. “The programme was very informative”
  1. “Insightful. Programme was well structured thoughts, knowledge, processes were explained”
  1. “Very educational”
  1. “I enjoyed the programme.  The information and delivery was good.  The interaction was encouraged” 
  1. “The programme has introduced me to a number of new ideas and concepts I wish to take to my credit union”
  1. “Educational and very informative of the credit union operations” 
  1. “Very informative.  A lot of information was shared by lecturer and participants” 
  1. “The programme overall in my view is excellent with lots of knowledge and material provided.  In addition to a lot of interaction and practice.  Welcoming environment”
  1. “It’s a lot to absorb but it is good food for knowledge and not only for the company I work for but I will be applying it for my personal use”