It’s All About Risk. The new AML Frontier


Reviews From 2018

  1. Excellent programme.  Well-co-ordinated with relevant information. 
  2. The selection of speakers were excellent.  They complimented each other’s information. 
  3. Very interesting presentation by the AG.
  4. This was an excellent seminar, since it dealt with all practical aspects of AML.
  5. A lot information disseminated and this is my first attendance to this seminar definitely will like to attend again
  6. Well organized seminar.  Good content, knowledgeable speakers.
  7. Very good seminar.  More information should be given to the compliance officers by FIU.  Today was very detailed however, it should have been broken up into more than one day.  It’s heavy.
  8. Informative and left wanting more.
  9. Very useful informative and instructive.  Please continue with this program.
  10. This seminar exceeded my expectations. Well done NEM.
  11. Too much information for one day, but very informative.
  12. Day well spent.  Being in the Compliance Field, additional information and updates are always welcomed.

Reviews From 2017

  1. Very Good Seminar- Learnt a lot about AML/CFT and what I need to execute my role as a C.O, effectively.
  2. Generally a very good seminar. It proved to provide clarity too much confusion as it pertains to money laundering etc.
  3. Well organised seminar but intense for one day. Risk Based Approach seminar is necessary. DPP Presentation was on target.
  4. Excellent Seminar, some of the revelations and challenges exposed are truly frightening. The challenge is to communicate this effectively with the BOD.
  5. Excellent seminar NEM. Look forward to next year.
  6. Great experience. Looking forward to other NEM Conferences.
  7. Loved:-Joan (Very Enlightening). Very educating, enjoyed Mr. Al - Rawi, Mr Matthew, Mr Wilson other presenters were also good but those three stood out. Mr Morency on FATCA was especially interesting.
This workshop/Seminar is a display of excellence. A programme should be created for schools.