Clients Testimonials.
Testimonials- Credit Management 2015

What are your overall views on this programme?

The following responses were as follows:
  • Good, however more time should have been allotted to ratios.
  • Very informative. Made me realize that there are many avenues to improve the quality & loan portfolio at the Credit Union.
  • Very informative and useful.
  • It was very informative and relative to my job aspect.
  • This was well constructed and relevant to the operations of today.
  • It highlighted many aspects that can be implemented.
  • The programme was informative and helpful, clear understanding of questions and can be used/applied to my daily analysing of credit.
  • The programme needs an aspect tailored to Loan Officers that shows various ways of assessing problematic accounts strategies that can be employed.
  • This was a well-informed programme but it was a bit rushed in certain areas.
  • It was well organized and I will recommend to other colleagues and business executives.
  • Very informative and very well explained.
  • Mr. Matthew is very educated and understands different scenarios.
  • The training was very informative, would share the knowledge again.
  • The programme was extremely knowledgeable and I will encourage others to attend a programme of this standard.
  • This programme was an eye opener on all levels and can be applied.
  • The workshop was very well constructed to improve the Credit Union operation.
  • Will recommend this. Well planned and very comprehensive.
  • Very informative, stirred excitement to implement new measures.
  • How could this programme be improved?

    The following responses were as follows:
  • By more problem solving techniques.
  • Facilities were not on par with NEML, better caterers needed. Place number crunching exercises in the morning period. Some topics needed to go more in depth.
  • More time is needed to spend on calculations and other important area ratios.
  • Not at this time
  • I think this programme was well put together, so not right now.
    It was so well organised and informative especially with all the literature. I can’t think of any other ways of improvement.